Online Classes

Below are descriptions of our online classes, designed to introduce you to Clean Language. Visit our Upcoming Events page to view dates and times of currently scheduled classes and to register. 

If there is a class you are interested in but it is not currently not scheduled, please contact us.   We will schedule classes based on interest - by individuals or by group. 

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Ready! Set! Change!!

Clean Language Metaphor Coaching for Transformation

Hold It Right There!

Discover what there is for clients to learn about themselves by pausing at the threshold of a change. A doorway, a foot bridge, a gate… a metaphoric marker that divides two spaces contains a wealth of information.

There is unique wisdom in this space that is rich with the potential to both thwart and support change. Poised between the past and the future, the moment may hold fear and determination, regret and anticipation, a pulling back and the energy to move forward.

You will learn a script-based activity you can easily do with your clients that will deepen their self-exploration and enable you to identify and address what holds them back and help build motivation for what lies ahead.

An online 1 ¾ hour class for only $33!

Yes, but…  

Untangling Problems and Outcomes for Greater Effectiveness

As we grow up, we are often taught to solve problems by thinking and learning more about them, so it’s no wonder clients tend to focus their attention on what they don’t want or like. As coaches, it can be challenging to redirect their attention to their desired outcomes. It can be even more difficult to determine which problems need to be included in the solution and which should be set aside.

In these two skill-building sessions, we will teach Clean Language questions and strategies that address both issues. Learn how to empower your client to recognize their own unproductive patterns and chart new paths for greater success.

Two online 1 ¾ hour classes for $66!

There’s Gold in Them Metaphors!

Use Clean Language questions to help your clients get clear about their thoughts and plans, and they will be amazed at how empowered they feel. Ask them the same questions about their metaphors, and you strike gold! Because the metaphors are the keys to their inner worlds, where how they respond to the world each and every day gets determined.

In our first class, you will get to experience your own inner resourceful metaphors, the ones you use to embody feelings you find helpful, like confidence, centered, and at ease. In the second class, we will focus on giving you some tools to help your clients access and strengthen their resourceful feelings.

Discover how working with metaphors can be a game changer!

Two online 1 3/4  hour classes for only $66!

Contact: to order a recording of the live webinars.