Cultivate Clean Language skills and make a world of difference


We develop competent, confident, and credible facilitators who use Clean Language to foster clarity and change. Clean Language will transform the way you work as you help clients develop their truest selves and greatest strengths in a unique, engaging, and profoundly powerful way. Offering workshops, classes, and online resources provided by certified Clean Language trainers from North America.



What is clean language?

Clean Language is a deceptively simple and subtle questioning process developed by innovative psychotherapist and coach David Grove. Clean Language helps you foster clarity and change in an extraordinarily efficient, effective, and deeply respectful way that keeps the focus on your clients’ goals and personal development.

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What is Clean facilitating?

Clean Language takes the guess work out of what your client needs by drawing out your clients don’t know they know. You will learn to access your client’s unconscious metaphors that quickly reveal core issues. From there, you uncover what is keeping your clients stuck and help them discover how to achieve their desired outcomes.

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What clients are saying

This session was amazing and one of my favorites! I absolutely loved how you wonderfully balanced theory and practice. Our members took away tangible value and skills that they can further explore and use with their clients. Pretty much the essence of what we want to offer as a chapter.

—Candice Lizou, ACC, VP of Education, ICF Phoenix

Excellent, thought-provoking session. I'm looking forward to learning more about Clean coaching. This was just enough to spark my interest!

—Session Participant

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convenient learning through webinars

Clean Language will revolutionize your counseling and coaching. A free Introduction to Clean Language will get you started. Stay tuned for information about new online learning opportunities that include options for self-paced progression through lessons, with monthly live online Q&A sessions, and learning with a cohort that practices with trainers on a weekly basis.