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Gina Campbell


Mining Your Metaphors, LLC

Gina is an expert in the field of Clean Language and other Clean modalities. The founder of the Clean Language Resource Center, her vision is to help build the Clean Language community by offering a space for certified Clean Language facilitators of North America to collectively house their online trainings.

Gina is also the director and lead trainer for her company, Mining Your Metaphors, offering trainings to helping and healing professionals since 2005. Her background as an educator, her training as a school counselor, and her work as a certified facilitator of both poetry therapy and Clean Language, mean she offers a unique blend of talents and experience.

To these , Giina has added writing. She is the author of four books on Clean Language processes, including Panning for Your Client’s Gold: 12 Lean Clean Language Processes. Known for their clear, conversational, learner-friendly style, these books take a richly complex topic and break it down into incremental pieces that can be readily understood and learned.

Besides training helping and healing professionals, Gina works individually online with clients seeking personal development.