What can Clean Language do for your clients?


Clarity: You can use Clean Language questions for any task that involves information gathering and synthesizing. The topic might be practical and tangible: making a plan for launching a new business, building a high-performance team, developing a vision statement or setting leadership goals. Or it can be used to generate ideas for a new product, a book, or a new career direction.

Any complex or creative process can be made clearer and easier with Clean Language.

Communication: Clean Language can also help people communicate better with one another. When you are clearer about what you mean and what you want and help others clarify what they mean and what they want, resolving conflicts and working together get much easier.

Personal Growth: Clean Language is also extraordinarily effective at getting into clients’ inner worlds, a place of wisdom and confusions, of strengths and weaknesses, of fears and desires, of life-long patterns and stubborn blocks.

Adding this tool to your tool belt will take your work with clients to new levels of effectiveness as it keeps you out of your clients’ self-exploration long enough for them to find solutions.